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Wednesday swim with no one around

Did this on four hours of sleep, after staying up to pack for my trip to HK, which was after a family BBQ, which was after a 15k run home, which was after a long day at work.
I guess it was a good swim after all!

Warm up

400m easy
800m (25m drill, 25 easy)

Main set

800m with paddles and fins on 20sec rest
400m with fins on 20sec rest
400m with paddles on 20sec rest
4x200m swim on 15sec rest

Cool down

4x50m (15m sprint, 20m easy, 15m sprint)
200m easy

Total = 4k

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Friday swim with SportInc

Kickstarted a great xmas eve with a nice solo swim set. Wonton mee after with Russ, followed by half day at work. Not complaining.

Warm up

800m easy
8x50m (25m single-arm drill, 25m swim)

Main set

2x400m with paddles and fins on 15sec rest
2x200m with fins on 15sec rest
2x200m with paddles on 15sec rest
8x100m swim on 10sec rest
8x50m (15m sprint, 35m easy, 25m sprint, 25m easy) on 10sec rest

Cool down

400m with paddles and pull buoy
100m swim

Total =  4.5k

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