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Month: March 2011


Yep, that’s what I’ve been up to. Other than terribly busy. And training.

In fact I’m so busy I can’t say anymore for now, except to note down the past week’s training cos I realised I haven’t been doing so (and this blog is kinda my training log).

Monday 28/3 – First Sonic sesh: 8.2k track (main set 6x1k hard on 6min); swim (forgot)
Tuesday 1/3 – 7.5k recovery run
Wednesday 2/3 – Sonic sesh: 7.1k track (fartlek 8x200m sprint, 100 easy); swim (forgot)
Thursday 3/3 – Rest
Friday 4/3 – 13.6k LSD
Saturday 5/3 – 50k hilly ride
Sunday 6/3 – 27k hilly ride
Monday 7/3 – Sonic sesh: 8.2k track + core conditioning circuit
Tuesday 8/3 – 7.7k recovery run
Wednesday 9/3 – Rest
Thursday 10/3 – 12k moderate run
Friday 11/3 – 9k recovery run
Saturday 12/3 – 4x Peak ride (53k)
Sunday 13/3 – 12k trail run
Monday 14/3 – Sonic sesh: 11.2k track (main set 3×1.6k hard, 400m easy); swim (forgot)
Tuesday 15/3 – 8.3k recovery run
Wednesday 16/3 – 2.5x Peak ride (31k); easy swim
Thursday 17/3 – 12k moderate run
Friday 18/3 – rest
Saturday 19/3 – 100k moderate ride
Sunday 20/3 – 20k LSD
Monday 21/3 – Sonic sesh: 7.5k track + core conditioning circuit; swim (forgot)
Tuesday 22/3 – 8.7k recovery run
Wednesday 23/3 – Sonic sesh: 8.7k track (main set 3k fast + 6×400 on 25s rest); swim (forgot but mostly drills)
Thursday 24/3 – 7k recovery run
Friday 25/3 – rest
Saturday 26/3 – 4x Peak ride (51k)
Sunday 27/3 – Hysan Healthy Run 21k (won it in record time!)
Monday 28/3 – Sonic sesh: 3k run + core conditioning circuit; swim 2k (can’t remember main set now)
Tuesday 29/3 – 11k recovery run
Wednesday 30/3 – Sonic sesh: 7k run (including 4.3k fast) + stairs; swim 2.7k (main set 4×200 with paddles, 8×100 free)
Thursday 31/3 – 12.7k recovery run
Friday 1/4 – Rest

Okay that took a while. Off to work.

First ride to Shek-O

Explored the south of HK Island alone this morn. Roads are very narrow and surface isn’t the best, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Even if my legs nearly fell off at Wong Nai Chung Gap Road on the way home. Ride seemed to go on forever, but it really was only 50km — but with 1,259km of elevation gain… or about 12x Mount Faber.

HK happenings

So I moved here on Feb 19 (and did the HK marathon on Feb 20!) and I can pretty much say I’ve settled right in. Perhaps it’s because the bf has been here since Aug, so no need to worry about accom and furniture and stuff, but perhaps also because I’ve managed to catch up with old friends from the HK national triathlon team and school — faces I hadn’t seen for close to 10 years. But you know, as with good old friends, when you finally meet again it feels as though you never parted.

I’ve joined Joy (my first ever friend in P1) at her church, Solomon’s Porch, and met other RJC folks there. I’ve joined Sonic Sports Triathlon Club, headed up by Kenneth Yip, whom I used to race with on the ITU Asian Cup circuit back in the day. I actually met another old RJC friend through the club. Sweet.

So training has been good… and tough! Last Saturday, Kenneth gave me a lift and we headed out to Tung Chung, a popular cycling spot here, for a 65k ride. It was super duper windy. And cold. Nice. On Sunday, I did Peak repeats alone.

Monday was the first “official” Sonic Sports sesh. It’s from 8pm to 10pm (also on Wednesdays), and it begins with an hour on the track at the Wan Chai Sports Ground, followed by an hour at the Wan Chai Swimming Pool. It is pretty insane. On Monday, after the 6x1km on 6min track sesh, my toes were cramping as we banged out a 2.3km swim set.

200m WU
6x50m kick (25m fast, 25m easy)
8x100m on 15sec rest (single-arm drills)
4x200m with paddles on 3.10
200m CD

On Tuesday, I did an easy 7.5k run at Bowen Road. Yesterday, I was so brain dead after a long day at work I thought I was gonna die at training. But it turned out alright. The track sesh wasn’t too hard — 20min easy run, followed by 8x 200m hard, 100m easy (a.k.a. fartlek). The 2.5km pool sesh was tough though.

200m WU
500m (50m kick, 50m pull)
2x 200m easy, 5x100m on 1.40
6x50m (25m sprint, 25m easy)
100m CD

I think another recovery run is on the cards today.

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