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Blessed Saturday

Great weather, good fun run, awesome friends. Contented.



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Boston brewin’


Two weeks to go before I leave for the Boston Marathon. Getting very excited…

Still keeping up the swims cos I find they are great for tuning my aerobic/anaerobic system while saving my legs (I am a lazy kicker).

Today’s workout:
400 warm up
10x 100 on 1.45 (av 1.30-1.35)
100 easy
10x 100 on 2.00 (climbin out of pool every 50 and 10 pushups every 100)
200 easy
8x 50 kick 50 pull
Total = 3.5k

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FitFish Wednesday


I didn’t have high hopes for today’s swim, given Saturday’s massive effort. I had done a 30min recovery run on Monday and another 13k yesterday, but both at a very leisurely pace. I didn’t think my body was ready to be pushed.

FitFish Wednesdays are meant to be the hardest sessions of the week, but I felt it was relatively kind today – thank God. In fact I actually felt pretty strong today. I am quite impressed with my body’s ability to recover. Still, I kept the workout to an hour and didn’t stay on for the kick set even though I had the energy to.

500 warm up
10x 100 (25 kick 25 swim) on 2.00
100 easy
10x 100 on 2.00 (but as fast as possible)
400 easy
Total = 3k

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