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Month: March 2012 (page 1 of 3)

Blessed Saturday

Great weather, good fun run, awesome friends. Contented.



Boston brewin’


Two weeks to go before I leave for the Boston Marathon. Getting very excited…

Still keeping up the swims cos I find they are great for tuning my aerobic/anaerobic system while saving my legs (I am a lazy kicker).

Today’s workout:
400 warm up
10x 100 on 1.45 (av 1.30-1.35)
100 easy
10x 100 on 2.00 (climbin out of pool every 50 and 10 pushups every 100)
200 easy
8x 50 kick 50 pull
Total = 3.5k

FitFish Wednesday


I didn’t have high hopes for today’s swim, given Saturday’s massive effort. I had done a 30min recovery run on Monday and another 13k yesterday, but both at a very leisurely pace. I didn’t think my body was ready to be pushed.

FitFish Wednesdays are meant to be the hardest sessions of the week, but I felt it was relatively kind today – thank God. In fact I actually felt pretty strong today. I am quite impressed with my body’s ability to recover. Still, I kept the workout to an hour and didn’t stay on for the kick set even though I had the energy to.

500 warm up
10x 100 (25 kick 25 swim) on 2.00
100 easy
10x 100 on 2.00 (but as fast as possible)
400 easy
Total = 3k

Organic Hobo

OH Episode 1 (Pilot): “A Difference A Day Makes” from Organic Hobo on Vimeo.

More at


Wow that hurt. I mean, relatively speaking, it was only 51k. That distance on road I could prolly run in about 4.5 hours. The Lantau50 took me 7h 29min and a whole new world of pain, no thanks to the 2,934m elevation gain over technical trail.

But we were indeed blessed with great weather. The race could have been a lot tougher if not for the dry and relatively cool summer’s day. The clear blue sky also made the view atop the many peaks we climbed absolutely amazing and motivating and kinda numbing against the pain. It’s the first time I have been on Sunset Peak, Hk’s third highest peak, and could see as far as the eye could.

The thought of giving up certainly crossed my mind a few times, but I just put my head down and ground it out. Hill after hill, an incessant attack, but the mind triumphed in the end. Women’s open second was a great result personally, because I have always been very poor at the Lantau trail as my technical skills aren’t fantastic.

To top it off, my teammates Mr G and Seb paired up for the men’s team category and came in third. Brilliant result.

Praise the Lord.


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