Hong Kong ushered in the new year with a fireworks display over Victoria Harbour, an annual event that attracts hordes of people to the waterfront. Not wanting to clash with crowds or pay ridiculous prices in a restaurant only to glimpse through glass and buildings, I made my way up to my favourite rock on Hong Kong Island, a pretty secret location with a bird’s eye view of the harbour. I packed a little picnic and set out for the spot at about 10pm. Unfortunately by the time I got to the rock, there were already a bunch of rowdy boys and a few silent photographers all ready with their tripod-mounted cameras waiting to savour the eight-minute fireworks display. Fortunately, there was a boulder slightly lower than the trigo point which also offered a great view. Here’s the entire display in its full glory.

Welcoming 2014 – Fireworks at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong from jeanette wang on Vimeo.