Yet another of HK’s top hikes ticked off my list, finally, after a few years of procrastination. Tai To Yan in Lam Tsuen Country Park in the Northern New Territories is a gorgeous, mostly ridgeline trail that runs between Fanling and Kadoorie Farm.

As a volunteer for today’s The North Face 100 HK race, I was assigned three hours manning checkpoint 5 and also setting up the blinkers and checking the direction signs on section 6, or Tai To Yan. I took the chance to run the section in reverse, from Kadoorie Farm to Fanling MTR, where checkpoint 5 was. After watching about the top 25 runners come in, I ran the stage again back to Lam Kam Road and down to checkpoint 6 at Ng Tung Chai.

Pity about the weather though; you’d typically have stunning views of Tai Mo Shan, Tai Po, Cloudy Hill, Kai Kung Leng mountain ranges towards Shenzhen and Mai Po Marshes. But it was foggy, windy and cold today, so visibility was poor. Still, a good 20k and about 1,500m of total vertical gain, plus a little giving back to the local trail community. Great day out.