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Hike a tike

First hike today with little M on my back in the Deuter Kid Comfort III, which I bought at MEC in Vancouver last week. Twas just a tiny 10k loop up Needle Hill and around Shing Mun Reservoir, but I was working more than twice as hard yet going half the speed of a usual hike. A 10kg baby, 3.5kg sack and another couple kilos of gear, hydration and nutrition makes for a super tough workout. That and 36 deg C heat! Much much harder than stroller runs but so much more scenic. Little M loved it; she was smiling at passers-by and humming and giggling and eventually falling asleep. Can’t wait to show her more of HK’s trails!


Morning run over the Twins to Stanley in high heat but low-ish humidity. Fab fab fab.


Great conditions too for testing my new Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest (HK$699, Gigasports) which I bought using some vouchers I’d won at the King of the Hills Sham Tseng race a few months ago. This is my second fluid race vest – I also have the first version, bought in end 2012 and still in great shape and being used very often.

The latest version however is much improved: more pockets and bigger, more functional ones too. The old pack had just one bottle holder at the chest strap – there are now two and much deeper pockets too. Gone are the useless smaller-than-credit-card-sized pockets (one zippered, one open); there are now one small velcro pocket and one zippered pocket of about half-credit-card size – good for keys, trail mix, and other little jangly dangly things.

The main compartment is now zippered and has a smaller zippered pocket too – good for mobile phone, cards, money, etc. I hate using hydration bladders but the bag is bladder-ready if that’s your thing, with many options for routing the tube to your preference.

The fit is still great as ever: like a second skin, it moves with you and being super lightweight, you hardly feel it’s there. It’s super breathable, which is fantastic for days like today – your don’t feel like your back is overheating. I got it in size S/M and have the straps cinched to the tightest.

Perfect for short sprints, the vest is also suitable even for races up to 100km with mandatory gear. I used the vest for the Vibram HK100 in 2013 – it was excellent. Awesome pack. Affordable. Highly recommend it.


Breakfast with my bub
A long, hard 2h trail run up and down the Peak
Morning church service
Brunch at Aberdeen Street Social
A stroll at PMQ
Still half a day to go
Amazing how productive a Sunday can be with a little one!


Blink and miss it

Love Rapha but hate paying for shipping (and waiting for delivery)? Check this out. See you there, all you bike lovers!


All I want for Christmas…

…this year are things that little M can start using when she turns six months (just a couple of days before Christmas)! Okay, I really mean I get to use them for/with her. A Beaba Babycook Duo for when she starts weaning, and the BOB Revolution Pro jogging stroller for when she’s sturdy enough to come running with mama!



It’s a nice change to actually have a practical gift(s) in mind rather than cracking my head each year wondering what to buy with our annual family xmas party gift budget!

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