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Tomayto, tomahto


Who knew these beauties were locally and organically grown? Yum.


Mini strawberry cheesecakes made with lots of love…

Super easy recipe here – but glammed up a little with a Speculoos cookie base (instead of graham cookies), gourmet vanilla sugar (rather than normal sugar), and topped with a dollop of cherry jam and a huge strawberry!

Secret dim sum spot

Arguably one of HK’s best kept food secrets…


Piece of cake


Finally, over this past lovely weekend, I managed to find some time to bake my first cake in yonks. What a luxury to have the chance to cream butter and sugar, whisk eggs, mash bananas, sift flour… and savour the wonderful aroma of fresh baked banana bread in the oven. And, of course, to chow down a delicious warm slice at the end. All this, while little M was in dreamland…



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