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Blue and very breezy!


A 10k sunrise trail run in the bag while most of Hong Kong is still in slumber… Fresh air, a cool strong breeze… Can’t get much better than this to start the day on a positive stride!


Click on image for a little clip!


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Sharp Peak

The view from the top of Sharp Peak (468m) in Sai Kung East Country Park.

Sharp Peak, Sai Kung from jeanette wang on Vimeo.

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Sensational Sai Kung

Got up and out of the house early today because I wanted to make the most of a beautiful day in Sai Kung. I start this entry while lying on the beach, soaking up some fabulous sunshine and being soothed by the sound of crashing waves.

Today’s hike/run took me over a route I’d done in September last year, but instead of finishing at Ham Tin Wan, I carried on up Sharp Peak and looped back to Ham Tin via Tung Wan and Tai Wan – two pristine and relatively unknown beaches in HK – for a good 18+ km total. Definitely didn’t think I’d still be able to do this challenging route at over seven months pregnant… the body is truly amazing.




If you know Sharp Peak you know it’s probably the steepest peak to climb in Hong Kong, at many points it helps to be on all fours. The last time – and only time – I’ve been up was way back in 2011 when Kilian Jornet was in town and Salomon had organised a run with him. I remember I was still running in my road racing flats back then, and so was slipping all the way up and down the peak. Had my Speedcrosses on today instead, and though the heavily-lugged sole is pretty well worn, it did a pretty good job. My first choice would’ve been the Inov-8 X-talon 212s… had been served well by two (now dead) pairs but haven’t thought of buying any new shoes since I got pregnant!

Anyway, on that first trip up Sharp Peak, I also remember that later that night, a couple of us took Kilian and Salomon team manager Greg out for a fun night in LKF to celebrate Kilian’s birthday. We jumped from Azure, to Pastis, another bar, and then to Volar, where DJ Aoki was spinning – and Kilian pretty much out-danced us. We were pooped by 3am and he was still going. A true ultra-endurance athlete!



Today, I shocked quite a few of the hikers along the way who spotted my bump. In fact I passed all the guys while heading up and down the peak. “You don’t expect to see this,” said one European guy to his hiking mate. Another guy, a local, came up to me and said: “You are so so strong.” Truth is apart from being much heavier, little M really doesn’t get in the way…

I wish this physical strength would translate into emotional strength, but unfortunately they are apples and oranges. Nonetheless, it was super awesome to get out and be on the trails – just little M and me – on this perfect day.

By the way, I thought this was a funny perspective: my beach view these days is a little blocked :-D


Strava stats here! (And a video to come…)

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