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Fight club

Strength: to fight to hold on, but also to let go.

Run, imagination, run

When the brain is functioning sub-par and the ink flow has stalled, my best remedy is a run. Stuck with writer’s block for a big story that’s due tomorrow morning, I decided I needed to, quite literally, let my imagination run.

With each step my head cleared up and thinking straightened out, much like the path I was trampling upon. Though it was dark my headlamp remained off, the way lit faintly only by the light pollution emanating from the buildings and homes on the southside. A glint of cat’s eyes here, a rustle in the bushes there. I wasn’t afraid. I know this path well and could run it (almost) blind. In the darkness, I think best. The lightbulb started to shine bright again in my brain.

Just over an hour later, I was home with the story straightened out in my mind. Fingers to keyboard, I typed away. (In the meantime, the Garmin data uploaded to Strava, and what do you know? Some of my fastest times along the route ever.)

Friday night lights

Brought a close to a busy week with 14k of solitude on the trails. Bliss. (Though got back in time to find little M sitting up in her cot calling for mama.)


A quick out and back to Sha Lo Tung.





Into the woods, little M sleeps
As mama pushes on with determined feet
Higher and higher up the mountain they go
Passing waterfalls and streams, against the flow
Until at last they get to the peak
Where a perfect photo people seek
But not for mama and little M too
Cos up here we’ve been many times through
Stop, we do, for coffee and cake
Et voila, a perfect Saturday morn these make!

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