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Sunday strides

Easy mornin 14k run round Tai Tam with M to stretch out the legs after yesterday’s long run. Unusually quiet on the trails, probably cos 73,000 people were running the marathon this morn! Not complaining. A lovely start to the day.



On repeat in the head today, aptly, Sunday Morning:
“You came in with the breeze
On Sunday Morning
You sure have changed since yesterday
Without any warning
I thought I knew you
I thought I knew you
I thought I knew you well.”

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Oh how wonderful it is to run 22k on trail without a belly weighing you down! :-D


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Raising the barre

Not touched a barre since ballet class at age six. Today, in the name of work, attended a barre fitness class. Surprisingly enjoyable and felt relaxed and refreshed after. Plus, a nice reminder on the studio mats…


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