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My backyard

With few precious trails in Singapore, I am lucky to have a couple in my backyard… Nice morning run while mom helped to entertain little M.


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And just like that, a month has passed, little M reaches her first milestone, and finally, the so-called “confinement” ends. It’s been a whirlwind 30 days, a blur of milk and burps and cries and pee and poo and chinese tonics and fish and intermittent sleep.

There’s certainly way more to come, but to celebrate this milestone I headed out yesterday for my first swim in a month after putting little M to bed for her morning nap. I had been avoiding the pool to reduce my chances of getting an infection or any sort of illness that may be passed to little M or affect my motherhood duties. It was so lovely to be swimming again, though I had lost my feel of the water. I had also forgotten how it feels to swim without a belly, and how nice it feels to slice and glide through the water without “drag”. Oh, and to be able to tumble turn again – what joy!

I am still carrying a few kilograms of extra weight, but I’m pretty amazed at how the body has returned to decent size in just a month. I guess that’s one of the main perks of an active pregnancy – a quicker recovery after labour. There’s no secret to my weight loss, no photoshop, no filters, no slimming centres, no treatments, no massages, no creams… Just good food, some physical activity and of course, breastfeeding.


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Finding my feet again

Any mother would tell you that having a newborn, especially for the first time, will turn your life – or at least some months of it – into a continuous cycle (probably two- or three-hourly) of feeding and burping and soothing baby, changing diapers, expressing breastmilk, washing up, taking a quick nap (if you are lucky), repeat. Things that once seemed like trivial everyday tasks such as taking a shower or a dump, or heading downstairs to buy a newspaper, become feats. Mothers also tend to quickly pick up and excel in doing everything with one hand – because the other is almost permanently chained to a bub. Suddenly, life revolves around just one person: baby.

No, I didn’t drug little M to type this blog entry – I am just lucky she loves her sleep! That said, I have found myself caught in the aforementioned cycle. She turns four weeks tomorrow and the days have just flown by. Time flies when you’re having fun, but also when you are constantly sleep deprived with no end in sight. It gets harder if you’re a single mom like I am – two pairs of hands are always better than one.

This past week, thankfully, a tinge of normalcy has returned to my life. Firstly, I have not only managed to run again, but also at a decent clip. I ran every day this week for a total mileage of nearly 50km – the last time I did this was probably at the end of the second trimester. Secondly, today I went to church for the first time since I popped – with little M in tow. I went solo: little M carried in a sling, diaper bag over my shoulder and infant car seat in hand. (If only new mothers also grew an extra set of arms for a few months!) Some of the SPHK crew were visiting this weekend and it was great to catch up with them again.


So, very slowly but surely, I am reclaiming some of my old self again. I think it’s really important for mothers to remember to take care of themselves too. My daily me-time is a 45min run. The rest of the day I dedicate to little M, not out of duty, but out of sheer love for this sweet, tiny human.

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