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The fast lane

Certainly feels like I’m living in one. The weeks have flown by and in the blink of an eye we’re a third of the way into the year. Wasn’t it just yesterday when we were counting down to 2016?!

The past weeks have mainly been occupied by new developments at work (goodbye paywall!), as well as two long weekends (Easter and Ching Ming), two races, many days of a nasty cold and cough (both little M and I) and lots of wonderful precious family time.

The races – the AVOHK Reservoir Series race 3/3 Tai Tam 11k, and the HKDRC Mt Butler Heritage Race 15k. Both courses started at the same place and had similar routes for the first 3-4k (aka boring). But since the start line was just a short trot from home, I thought, what the heck, let’s just give the legs some fast paced practice. It turns out I won my age-group in both races, and was 3rd woman overall in the AVOHK race and 2nd woman overall in the HKDRC race (no thanks to the nasty cold and coughing my lungs out). Some cash and swag at the HKDRC race was a nice bonus, though if I wasn’t sick I reckon I could have had a real shot at the overall woman’s title and the HK$1,000 bonus.

Feeling strong at the AVOHK Reservoir Series Tai Tam


Feeling sick at the HKDRC Mt Butler Heritage Race

I wish time would slow down – especially with how quickly little M is growing up – though there’s also much to look forward to in the next couple of months with a few trips planned.


Five years since I arrived in HK and still discovering the immense natural beauty of this city. Still finding new trails and getting goosebumps running down stunning ridgelines like these on clear blue days.


King of the Hills Sai Kung

We had perfect racing weather this past Sunday – and first Female Open and second Female Overall at the KOTH Sai Kung half (19k, 850m elevation gain) was just a sweet bonus! Making it just under 2h for the course was also a good achievement for me.

First race since the HK100 and very pleased with how good I felt during the race, especially having run every day of the past week. The race brought the week’s mileage to 82 quality kilometres.

Here, a couple of photos heading up the long shiggy climb from Hoi Ha, shot by Fai.

HIIT and run

Morning breakfast, playground and babycino break with little M, followed by a 90-min steady trail run and then HIIT with this fun crew. A great start to the weekend!

Johnny’s HIIT class was just the thing I needed to spice up my exercise habits since I mostly do endurance runs with one or two speed interval sessions thrown in every week. With our #TopfitMorning 12-week fitness challenge going on, it motivated me to do the class. Two of our challengers Lee and Janice joined in – going beyond their requisite three sessions a week – and it was inspiring to see them so determined to achieve their fitness goals.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Last year I spent this day alone, so this year I am very thankful to have shared this perfect day with fantastic company. 

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