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Dreaming of a white Christmas

…while sweating buckets.

The Trip

Spinning just got trippy: click here for my experience (plus video) at the world’s first 270-degree Immersive Fitness studio, aptly located at Pure Fitness in Hong Kong’s party district, Lan Kwai Fong.


Genius on wheels

Take that, Kilian Jornet!

Blink and miss it

Love Rapha but hate paying for shipping (and waiting for delivery)? Check this out. See you there, all you bike lovers!


Fab Friday

To take advantage of the free usage of facilities at Singapore’s new Sports Hub before the promotion ends Aug 17, I booked a lane at the competition pool of the aquatic centre for a morning swim. I was assigned lane 4, the strip normally reserved for the fastest qualifier in a final. Just for that hour this morning, watched over by empty stands, I imagined a raucous crowd cheering me on like an Olympic swimmer. Alas my splits were far from even beating a top kid swimmer, but it was really nice to glide along in such an awesome pool.



I rode to the pool and back on my single speed, a storm-soaked round trip of just over 30k. It was the first time in a long long while that I’d ridden in such torrential rain, eyes pierced by the spear-like drops and body drenched to the bone. I felt so alive.

I also got home so cold and hungry – which was perfect for a light lunch of fish soup chased with waffles and truffle fries a couple of hours later when little M and I caught up with a friend for tea.



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