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Lunar New Year fireworks

Went up to the usual spot on the trails to catch the Lunar New Year fireworks over Victoria Harbour. I read that the display wouldn’t be as big as the New Year’s Eve one, and while true – there were fewer ships launching the pyrotechnics and no buildings launched any and the ICC had no graphics for most of the time – it was MUCH longer: 23 minutes vs 7 minutes. But I have a fireworks philosophy that too long and too much of the same becomes boring. It’s not like Lake Annecy’s 70 minute fireworks fest, which is choreographed to music and is seriously spectacular. After about 10 minutes watching last night’s display, I started wondering when it would end as I was getting really cold!! I thought 7 minutes would have been perfect.

Anyway, here’s 15 seconds of fireworks for your enjoyment.


Boom, it’s 2014

Hong Kong ushered in the new year with a fireworks display over Victoria Harbour, an annual event that attracts hordes of people to the waterfront. Not wanting to clash with crowds or pay ridiculous prices in a restaurant only to glimpse through glass and buildings, I made my way up to my favourite rock on Hong Kong Island, a pretty secret location with a bird’s eye view of the harbour. I packed a little picnic and set out for the spot at about 10pm. Unfortunately by the time I got to the rock, there were already a bunch of rowdy boys and a few silent photographers all ready with their tripod-mounted cameras waiting to savour the eight-minute fireworks display. Fortunately, there was a boulder slightly lower than the trigo point which also offered a great view. Here’s the entire display in its full glory.

Welcoming 2014 – Fireworks at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong from jeanette wang on Vimeo.

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