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Happy Lunar New Year!

Last year I spent this day alone, so this year I am very thankful to have shared this perfect day with fantastic company. 

The real deal

Trying times are great for revealing who your true friends are. Thankful for the few I’ve got.


Double date



The last time I met Joyce’s daughter was 14 years ago when K was born. K has grown to be a lovely teen, and I take inspiration from Joyce in single-mothering. Today we lunched together, mothers and daughters, over juicy burgers and good conversation. Little M, of course, had breast milk and contributed some coos and cries.


Spot the difference: 1989 vs 2014. My first ever friend in primary school. We went to the same schools for 12 years and reconnected again in HK in 2011. Now, we’re both back in Singers. We decided to reenact the photo in church today. She just had a baby girl, and so it’s highly likely our daughters will end up in the same school too. It’s pretty amazing how God plants people in your life.



Breakfast at Coast Cycles with good mates, great start to a Sunday that also included lunch with cousins and more shopping for little M.


Thanks Chingx for the pic!

Meanwhile, I think little M is preparing to launch… Can feel her head now lower in my pelvis – I think they call it “baby’s head is engaged” – making toilet trips even more frequent. And she’s probably really snug in there now cos I can feel distinct parts of her body piercing up against my belly! Things are getting very exciting :-)

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