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Back in the game

One perk of the job is getting to review health-related gadgets before they hit the market. A couple of days ago, the kind people at Jawbone hooked me up with the new UP24, the latest incarnation of their wrist-worn activity tracker.

Almost exactly a year ago in April, they’d let me have a go at the UP, which I wore till it broke down when I returned from Boston in early December. For some reason the band just couldn’t sync with my phone anymore. But, you know, I really put it through some abuse – way beyond the stated operating instructions. It’s water-resistant, not water-proof (it’s better to take it off while showering), yet I swam with it in the pool and in the sea. Even when I lost the end cap that covered the 3.5mm jack, I still continued to drench the band. I think it definitely would have lasted longer if I treated it right.

Anyhow, I don’t plan to abuse the UP24 this time. I want to see how long it can really last, given love and care. I have friends who bought the UP only for it to die after a week for no reason. Reliability has been a big issue with the band, so hopefully this new one does better.

I own the Garmin 310XT and because I’m so active, I never cared to count to 10,000 steps a day – until I started using the UP. The band has made me realise that apart from my daily workouts, I’m sedentary for most of the day, which really isn’t good. After the UP died on me I did feel a bit lost, having had the daily routine of tracking my activity for over half a year. The feature I missed most was the sleep tracker, which made me more aware of the quantity and quality of sleep, and how that affected my work and sports. I’m glad I now get a second chance with the UP24! Stay tuned for the review that will be published in my health section in the papers…

Here’s how my first day with the UP24 went. The Lantau hike obviously really shot up the step score for the day! Much easier transferring data now with the Bluetooth connection.


Old and gold

They don’t make em like they used to. My friend’s Nikon from the 70s. Loaded with black and white film, there’s no better way to capture Hong Kong street life.


Panda Express


Sent Jon some speedy recovery vibes in the form of a tee. Photographic proof of receipt received today!

Rapha SS2014 in HK

Rapha SS2014 preview

Click on the poster for more info on the Rapha HK Facebook page

Way too cute!



From Would look great on Eli or Eden…

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