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Gehirn kaputt

Run baby run

Rain or shine, Hong Kong or Hamburg, up early and out the door. Last week, round the Alster. This morning, up and down the Peak in the storm!

Speaking about being on the run, something crazy happened to us this afternoon in Central. We were just walking past the Abercrombie store about to turn right into the Pedder Building lift lobby when two men came barreling down the storefront stairs and knocked us down like bowling pins. It happened so quickly I lay on the crowded pavement in shock for quite a while. Little M was on top of me in the baby carrier. A kind passerby suddenly emerged from the crowd to help me up and asked if I was ok. My butt took the brunt of the impact and it’s super sore now, but all I was concerned about was that little M was safe. “Does my baby look fine?” I asked him. I thought her left foot had been crushed or twisted under my weight but she was fine – not a sound from her at all, perhaps equally shocked as I was. 

I can’t quite remember if the men fell on me, but I think they disappeared down the MTR entrance. “Probably someone trying to stop a shoplifter,” the helpful passerby said. Good Lord, stealing from Abercrombie? I would not even take it if you gave it to me for free.

The kind passerby left and three other people came up to me to ask if I was fine. Very touched by the kindness of strangers. Thankful that I decided to carry little M in the carrier rather than with my bare hands – she probably would have been thrown out of my arms if so. And thank God for his continuous protection of little M and I.

Wild thing

You make my heart sing!

Little M is so garang, just like my parents describe me as a child. Without fear, she walks, she climbs, she rolls… and with her new mini moto, she now scoots too!

Summer breeze

..makes me feel fine…



Of all the wonderful happy memories made in the past week, the one that stands out for me is this:

Little M was so happy being able to roll and run around in a garden, chasing a ball, playing in a lil inflatable pool, and eating grass and soil. Growing up I had the good fortune of doing so as my parents lived in a house with both front and back gardens. But growing up in a small Hong Kong apartment, little M doesn’t get to enjoy that – and I feel bad for it.

So this image will be firmly etched in my mind as my goal, my motivation, to keep chuggin along with work and life even through the bumpiest roads. Some day – hopefully sooner than later – I will give little M the garden she so truly deserves.

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