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Blink and miss it

Love Rapha but hate paying for shipping (and waiting for delivery)? Check this out. See you there, all you bike lovers!


National Day ride

Finally got back on the saddle today, the first proper time since Thanksgiving last year (and first time since Amsterdam in March if you count leisurely rides). I missed the wind in the hair and burn in the thighs, but definitely not the silly tanlines!

I was motivated to saddle up again by a very kind invitation from Rapha to ride the Rapha Women’s Prestige on Sept 7 around Mount Yatsugatake in Japan. The 120km route is near Nobeyama in Nagano and will include about 2,000m of climbing. I haven’t yet decided if I am ready to leave the bub alone for a few days, but thought I’d better get my ass in shape just in case I decide to go for the race. Chris thinks I’ll take just 2-3 rides a week to be race ready. Trouble is, I can only peel myself away from little M for an hour or so each day. Today’s ride was 80 minutes and I was already missing her.


Rapha SS2014 in HK

Rapha SS2014 preview

Click on the poster for more info on the Rapha HK Facebook page



I am a very lucky girl indeed… Thank you Rapha for the love. My very own custom-made Cyfac in a special Rapha Continental paint job (even le drapeau tricolore seems to have gone from rouge to un peu rose). This brings the bike count to four… I am a very very lucky girl.

Thanks Eric Lee from Rodafixa for building the bike up and the photo!


Riding in Hong Kong is great with all the climbs and the cooler weather for half the year, but I guess the great thing about riding in Singapore – even though it’s pancake flat and the roads are boring – is that you can pretty much get out any time of the day and still ride. The traffic is never really too heavy, and there are always route options to avoid traffic as much as possible anyway. In Hong Kong this can be challenging once late morning hits.

So while I’m here in the “sunny island set in the sea”, I’ve been taking the opportunity to ride my beloved Bianchi Pista singlespeed and Soma Double Cross CX that are permanently parked in Singapore. After taking the Pista out on Christmas morning, it was the Double Cross’ turn yesterday. I set off relatively late at 7.30am and rode down the roads I spent many years training on, down Changi Coast Road and East Coast Park Service Road. I’d forgotten how beautiful the East Coast is and couldn’t help but stop a few times to snap some photos.



At the end of East Coast Park, just as I hit Tanjong Rhu, a group of cyclists caught up with me and one guy called out my name. Turns out it was an old friend I have known since secondary school days, who took up riding in the last year or so and has shed 11 kilograms since. He was doing the Rapha Festive 500 ride, an initiative by the London-based bicycle clothing company to get cyclists to chalk up 500 kilometres in mileage over the festive period. I continued riding with them to the CBD area, where we stopped for a coffee.


I rode home alone, and by then the weather had turned hot and humid. I was very happy to reach home and get back in the shade, with a bowl of cereal and ice cold milk to re-energise my tired legs.

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