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Hike a tike

First hike today with little M on my back in the Deuter Kid Comfort III, which I bought at MEC in Vancouver last week. Twas just a tiny 10k loop up Needle Hill and around Shing Mun Reservoir, but I was working more than twice as hard yet going half the speed of a usual hike. A 10kg baby, 3.5kg sack and another couple kilos of gear, hydration and nutrition makes for a super tough workout. That and 36 deg C heat! Much much harder than stroller runs but so much more scenic. Little M loved it; she was smiling at passers-by and humming and giggling and eventually falling asleep. Can’t wait to show her more of HK’s trails!

Secret dim sum spot

Arguably one of HK’s best kept food secrets…



Morning run over the Twins to Stanley in high heat but low-ish humidity. Fab fab fab.


Great conditions too for testing my new Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest (HK$699, Gigasports) which I bought using some vouchers I’d won at the King of the Hills Sham Tseng race a few months ago. This is my second fluid race vest – I also have the first version, bought in end 2012 and still in great shape and being used very often.

The latest version however is much improved: more pockets and bigger, more functional ones too. The old pack had just one bottle holder at the chest strap – there are now two and much deeper pockets too. Gone are the useless smaller-than-credit-card-sized pockets (one zippered, one open); there are now one small velcro pocket and one zippered pocket of about half-credit-card size – good for keys, trail mix, and other little jangly dangly things.

The main compartment is now zippered and has a smaller zippered pocket too – good for mobile phone, cards, money, etc. I hate using hydration bladders but the bag is bladder-ready if that’s your thing, with many options for routing the tube to your preference.

The fit is still great as ever: like a second skin, it moves with you and being super lightweight, you hardly feel it’s there. It’s super breathable, which is fantastic for days like today – your don’t feel like your back is overheating. I got it in size S/M and have the straps cinched to the tightest.

Perfect for short sprints, the vest is also suitable even for races up to 100km with mandatory gear. I used the vest for the Vibram HK100 in 2013 – it was excellent. Awesome pack. Affordable. Highly recommend it.


Been wanting to try the food at The Butcher’s Club. But after this account by my colleague Charley, I am no doubt going to boycott the restaurant and all its related businesses!

One Thirty-One

Ouf! What a lunch. Finally made it to One Thirty-One, the famous romantic restaurant set in a waterfront villa at Sai Kung’s Three Fathoms Cove. Been wanting to dine there since forever and really happy we finally got the chance. The weather could have been kinder, but it was still a great dining experience – you kinda feel like you’re in the Mediterranean rather than in the middle of one of Asia’s most densely populated cities.

We arrived via train and taxi, but you could choose to get there in your boat or helicopter. Maybe next time for us… ;-) Reservations are highly advised – we inititally wanted to go there yesterday but it was booked out for a private event.

Lunch is a flat HK$600+ and includes four courses, plus bread, an amuse bouche, coffee/tea and petit fours. Service was warm and attentive, and the food was flavourful and beautifully presented. I wouldn’t say it’s the best meal I’ve had in Hong Kong, but the entire package – food, setting, ambience, service, and company (of course that’s up to you) – makes it rank up there with one of the top dining experiences in the city.




Food coma. Nap time.

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