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Looking for Adam

Will little M do this for me one day, when I’m old and grey?

All of me

Roses on piano = cheesy, but beautiful light and strings make up for it.

This I know…

… I’ll never let you down.


What would little M do? That question comes to mind a lot these days since I became a mother. Before I say or do something, especially in a situation where an action could result in a negative consequence, I ask myself: what would I like little M to do or say given the same situation? And would how I act make her proud of me?

Being a mother has made me more wary of how I behave. After all, little M is likely going to imitate what I do and, at least for the first years, learn about morals and values and manners from me – especially since I am a single mom.

She may be just five weeks old now, but she’s already picking up things from her surroundings. And of course she knows who her mama is – the fact that on some days she clings to me like gladwrap. All day last Saturday, she’d fall asleep only in my arms.



People will come and go, but you can lean on me forever, little M.

The Mother

“As soon as I was a mom, I was like, running? Not important to me.”

Salomon Running TV S3 E04 – The Mother from Salomon Running on Vimeo.

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