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Crunch week

It’s nearly coming to an end, just one day to go, one run and maybe a swim. The big training week has gone pretty well so far, and I’m looking forward to an easy week before starting my next four-week cycle.

The runs went as planned. Monday I did 6×1,000m intervals at the track (on 200m jog rest) sandwiched between two 5km-or-so runs to and from the track. Tuesday was just a short swim — 1,000m easy, 5x100m H, 100m CD — this, in preparation for Wednesday’s four-hour run. That went surprisingly well, 43km covered in 3h 50min actual moving time, and a faster second-half than the first. Thursday I thought the legs might be sore but they were actually pretty okay, so I did an easy 6k on the tready and some core exercises. Friday wasn’t too tiring either — stroke correction with SportInc, with more time spent laughing than swimming.

And this morning was the usual CycleWorx ride, though I only managed 115k of the 130k, because I had a flat at Tuas after drafting a truck going over 60km/h for a few km. Fixed the flat with the help of David (thanks for stopping!), as I waved the peloton on. Didn’t want to make some 30 riders wait for me, so I skipped the “hockey stick” portion of our ride to catch up with them. Overall it was a thorougly enjoyable ride, the pace about 2-3km/h slower on average compared to last week.

And speaking of crunch…



Thanks to the nice folks at Oakley for sorting a replacement frame out! The glasses got run over by a truck at Kranji. Damn those sunnies are made tough though — neither the frame nor lenses cracked. Some parts bent or came loose, but that’s about it…

Eat your heart out, weight weenies!

Zero-G Titanium brakes

My present to Damo: Custom-coloured Zero-G Titanium brakes

Want to pimp your ride too? Drop me a mail for Robert Choy’s contact. Check out this site for more info.

Oh, and this is what Damo got me…

oakley frogskins... ribbit ribbit!

oakley frogskins... ribbit ribbit!


The thing about having too many choices is you get a headache trying to pick one you like, especially when every choice is pretty attractive in its own right.

I spent my lunch hour at Oakley yesterday. As Russ tried on options for prescription sunglasses, I deliberated over what colour Jawbones to get.


The white/purple combination was my first choice, given my allergy to anything bright and loud. Though I did consider giving in to the green/black one…. but what did I have that matched that other than my Nike LunaRacers? Orange was the colour of my secondary school years and I wasn’t going back there. Red, too much red. Black (both matte and polished) too manly, though the red lenses were pretty cool.

So, as before with other Oakley models like Radar, Enduring and Flak Jacket… I went for white. Can’t go wrong with white, matches everything, looks more feminine, clean, slick. Thanks to Joey, however, I did manage to change the stock lenses (unvented, polarised VR28 black iridium) to the vented blue iridium lenses that came with the white/purple Jawbones, and the spare persimmon lenses from unvented to vented ones. Vents are good because it prevents your lenses from fogging, though Oakley lenses also have a “hydrophobic” coating that does away with/reduces fogging.

matte white with blue iridium lenses

The great thing about Jawbone over Radar is lens changing is a breeze. It’s really as easy as taking a ring out of a box and putting it back in. See the Oakley website for more details.

I used the glasses on my ride to work this morning and it was super duper comfortable. Loved it.

If only my legs felt as good today. A short workout only this morning (6.5k run, including 8x400m intervals) because I’m starting to feel tired after 17 days straight of exercising. Oh well, taper starts next Monday for Saturday’s North Face 100! Looking forward to it!

Shady characters

Sunglasses are one of the essential items a cyclist and triathlete should have, and it’s definitely not just about looking cool.
It protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays during the hottest days and from debris when cycling at dawn or dusk. I think it’s imperative to get a clear/night lens for night/early morning cycling, because the last thing you want is something to fly in your eye while you’re going at high speed and which may cause you to lose control of your bike. I find wearing sunglasses also helps me focus better during a race, as somehow it just blocks out all the distractions around me. Another plus: it hides the pain in your eyes from your rivals…
Even drivers should wear sunnies. I use sunnies all the time in the car to help reduce glare which could impair safe driving.

Of course, I’m fortunate to have a large selection of sunglasses to choose from to suit the occasion. Yesterday I got two more from Joey at Oakley. Both are women’s models.

new addition: Restless

new addition: Commit

my Oakley collection

Hey, not all were given, by the way. The chrome Radar and pink Half Jacket were bought, the Radar a present for Damo last Christmas and the Half Jacket in Kona in 2006. Another two pairs — LiveStrong Radar and a wire frame (not sure what the model is) — Damo bought some time ago.

My favourite pair? Not sure… I love the sky blue Radar but I also love the two Enduring glasses I have (in white and yellow) for it’s feminine fit. The Half Jacket will always have a special place in my heart because I raced the World Championships in those. Obviously my favourite colour for frames is white — I have a Radar, Enduring, Flak Jacket and now Commit in that colour. I guess it’s because it matches everything and it goes well with my skin tone! The next colour I’d go for would probably be something very different…. like green… though I wonder what that would match for I don’t use any green equipment.

Some points to note: Take care of your eyewear. After each use rinse it with some hand soap and warm water and then give it a couple of flicks and let it air dry. Always use a soft clean sunglass cloth to wipe the lenses and try to keep your eyewear in hard cases when travelling. If you have only one pair of frames, try to get at least two pairs of lenses to interchange depending on the weather/time of day. Of course if that is troublesome then buy a cheaper pair for the occassion that you use glasses less for. Don’t try to scrimp on glasses because it’s an item that can last for a long, long time and getting a good pair is much more economical in the long run than buying a few lower quality, cheaper pairs. Find out if the brand has a good warranty to back up the product — trust me, it will come in handy.

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